Degen(d)erated euphoria

Degen(d)erated euphoria

Degen(d)erated euphoria is a performance focused on liberation from gender rules and reconstruction path of subjects and bodies beyond pre-arranged patterns.

During the performance the process of deconstruction of the subject pass through the texts. The words allow to get in touch with a thought that brings to a process of awareness of the weight of social rules and restrictions in which persons are confined. The oppression from the rules is there represented by the withe bandages that wrap the body.

While the words of the texts fill the air, through the persons that voice/create them, the body get rid of the bandages. The naked body is a body freed of rules, taboos, constrictions and social sanctions. However it is yet a body with gender and sex assignment. Texts, after a moment of silence and look on itself, allow coming into contact and taking possession of a new horizon and a new imagination. So a body transformation path starts, in which texts, words, thoughts and ideas materially become part of an agendered and light body.

Degen(d)erated euphoria highlights the materiality of the thought. In fact the words allow to carry forward reflections that deconstruct and rebuild the mind and also transform the body: they become body.

The words came out from the texts and hovering in the air they also get rid of their own referents. They lean upon the body, becoming matter through these. The collective body takes possession of the words, it develops the thought and it creates action.

Texts have different origins, such as scientific and philosophical context or militant context. So another binomial is broken: the binomial that opposes ‘high’, ‘professional’, recognized and legitimated culture to ‘low’ culture, that is made illegitimate and invisible in order to make it silent. Words come out from essays, blogs, manifestos of the collectives, fanzines, and they circulate freely. They alight on bodies and they give rise to a construction and deconstruction process that open new chances and euphoric paths that allow to conceive endless chances for identities that are taking shape.

At the end of the performance every person who has attended it, if they want, can ‘take possession’ of words, thoughts, texts, reflections and make them part of their own personal corpus/body and so part of the collective body too.


(Translated in spanish by Rossana)

Degen(d)erated euphoria has been at: Ladyfest, Rennes, 1 giugno 2012 Pornoterrorismo, Nantes, 22 luglio 2012 Weird festival, Roma, 6 ottobre 2012 Muestra Marrana, Barcellona, 1 dicembre 2012 (aka Missmistère) Manifestation pour le mois de mars, Rennes, 29 marzo 2013 QueerArtLab, serata conclusiva, Madrid, 12 luglio 2013